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I had the privilege to meet Jay Cutler four times within one year, between April 2015 and May 2016. Our first contact came on April 2015, when he was brought to Athens by Bodybuilding Club, a major chain of supplement stores in Greece. Jay Cutler took part in a training session and gave a seminar, held in one of the stores of John Panayotopoulos. John is the owner of supplement stores, and the editor of Greek Musclemag magazine. Moreover, a broadcast channel (SKY TV) interviewed Jay, and later parts of the seminar were aired during the local nightly news. Furthermore, Jay spoke live on Sport-FM radio, speaking about his first visit to Greece.

I had the opportunity to give him my third book, talk to him and exchange valuable ideas concerning the iron sport. I do fondly remember how nervous I was, since he is a great ambassador of bodybuilding. We have just one month age difference and I grew up with his legendary battles on the Olympia stage, during the early days of my fitness career (late 90s). Honestly, I would never expect to have this chance some years ago. Jay Cutler was in town in order to promote his new supplement brand, Jay Cutler Nutrition. The variety of his products has expanded since 2013, when it all started.

Our next meeting took place on March 2016, at the Arnold Classic expo in Columbus, OH. Jay was quite surprised to see me there; he basically let me pass the line, and get a photograph with him. He also gave me a T-shirt as a gift and asked me how my guys are doing back in Greece. We arranged our next meeting, for the FIBO expo in Germany, the following month.

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The third meeting took place in Cologne, on April 2016. I was in Germany along with the associates of Bodybuilding Club stores. It was fun and Jay felt so comfortable with us, we were sort of a family to him. He was very friendly, cool and promised to see us the next month in Athens.

Our final meeting was on May 2016. Jay came in town with his girlfriend, Monique. I had the opportunity to pick him up from the airport. It was awesome to see him once again so soon. We had the time to talk in the car and later at the gym, but also during dinner time with the owners of BB Club.

The trip to Acropolis rock and the Parthenon was something astonishing to him. He confessed to me that during his professional career, he never had the time to focus on things that he is able to enjoy today. Jay and Monique were really impressed with the sightseeing in Athens. Later, we had lunch and afterwords we went to the bodybuilding show. There, he singed and took pictures with a plethora of fans, who were waiting to see the living legend once more. Jay was friendly, polite, kind, patient and gave a magnificent seminar. The following day, they left to Santorini Island. He would enjoy the Mediterranean Sea, sun and of course the Greek cuisine.

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I feel extremely lucky and blessed at the same moment, being able to know in person one of the greatest bodybuilding personas and competitors of all time. Four time Mr. Olympia, three time Arnold Classic winner, four time first runner-up at the Mr. Olympia, Ironman winner, and winner of several other shows throughout the United States & Europe.

I do strongly believe, that a great champion is not necessarily the one with the most trophies. Instead, he is the one who will manage to inspire the new generation, as the ambassador of the iron sport and become a role model for the youth.

In my opinion, Jay Cutler has this ability. What makes him more of a star, is the fact he is approachable, humble, and down to Earth. Most of all, he is a successful businessman present day. Since bodybuilding is a worldwide marketing business, Jay Cutler is a product himself. I am positive that his name will be a trademark for the following decades.

I am proud to be able to say that I gave him all my articles that I have written for As he told me, he is highly in fond of William Llewellyn.

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Dr. George Touliatos is a physician who specializes in sports medicine and biopathology. He has authored several books on bodybuilding, and serves as scientific advisor for MuscleMag and Muscular Development Greek editions. George is a competitive bodybuilder himself, and also has a long history working in partnership with Greek competitive organizations.


  1. George Touliatos June 1, 2016 at 2:02 pm - Reply

    Ι’d like to thank for their opportunities

  2. Gaby June 22, 2016 at 8:20 am - Reply

    My dream is also to meet Jay in person one day … he is my the athlete and the person i’ve always looked up to for inspiration !

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