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DNP (2,4-dinitrophenol) is perhaps the most dangerous drug ever promoted for weight loss. The main role of this substance is as an industrial chemical, used in the production of certain herbicides and explosives. DNP was first publically sold for weight loss during the 1930s. As the story goes, it was discovered that munitions workers were dropping weight by handling the material. Shortly after first being sold to the public, however, there were many reports of serious injury and death. DNP was pulled from the consumer market shortly after. Authorities hadn’t heard much from it until the 1990s, when DNP weight loss pills began reappearing on the underground. This reemergence was quickly associated with reports of serious injury and death. Availability persists, and last week Interpol released an “Orange Notice” to alert authorizes again of the danger.

DNP is indeed a potent stimulator of fat loss; perhaps the most effective there is. The problem is, it is also toxic and unsafe. Its danger be stressed enough. The chemical works by uncoupling oxidative phosphorylation. This means that it interrupts mitochondrial energy metabolism, forcing the cells to produce excess heat instead of ATP. While effective, there is no limit to this heat-generating response. Overdose may cause an excessive rise in body temperature, which can lead to hyperthermia and death. Furthermore, there is a fairly small margin between an effective and toxic dose. Fatal overdose can easily be the result of user error. There is no antidote to DNP poisoning, and little medical practitioners can do to save someone that has ingested too much.

In the Orange Notice, Interpol warns of a serious toxicity report concerning a young man that was hospitalized in France in October after using a DNP product he purchased online. The agency warns of the high-risk nature of this substance, which may be compounded by the illicit nature of its manufacture. As Interpol rightly points out in the following paragraph, these product are being made on the underground, and thus are not likely to be subject to the same dosage and purity controls as legal pharmaceuticals or supplements.

“Besides being inherently dangerous, the risks of consuming DNP are compounded by the fact that DNP is usually produced in clandestine laboratories in questionable sanitary conditions. Manufacturers not only have a poor grasp of the preparation process, but they also expose consumers to risks of potential overdose. “

Oddly, the report also names the online store where the young man purchased the chemical. I visited the website expecting to find some type of notice of arrest, prosecution, or at least domain seizure. Instead, I was greeted by an online store that continues to sell DNP capsules. If you are considering this drug due to the exceptional reports of fat loss that you can find on the Internet, please be warned. At least search for “DNP” and “death” first. You will be confronted by some truly horrific stories. I’m not one to be alarmist, and concede that virtually all substances have a safe and toxic threshold. It this case, the two are so close, and the risk so profound, I would never recommend anyone takes the chance.

The 3-page alert is below:

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  1. george touliatos August 1, 2015 at 7:31 am - Reply

    pure poison!
    someone has to be in despair in order to use this kind of drug in order to get rid of adipose tissue

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