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On November 4th, 2015, reports began populating major underground anabolic steroid forums that arguably the largest US Domestic AAS supplier, Domestic X, was closed. Only weeks after the DEA’s Operation Cyber Juice, this information left the U.S. anabolic community asking what happened to such a prominent source of steroids.

Background on Domestic-X

While old reports on such sites as Eroids indicate Domestic X has been around for nearly a decade, and has been on top AAS source review lists for more than four years. With such a lengthy and prominent history as a domestically-based US supplier, DomesticX was possibly the largest online dealer of performance enhancing drugs serving the public US black market. Their products included Anabolic androgenic steroids, human growth hormone, and what are known as ancillary products (generally pharmaceuticals used to offset side effects experienced as a result of AAS use).

Due to the black market nature of DomesticX, it is impossible to know how much money was earned by this distributor. DomesticX’s most recent URL which is just over one year old had nearly 170,000 hits on, a steroids source ranking website. With a minimum order of $200.00 USD, one can safely assume that this sources annual earnings were in the higher hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars.

Feedback and reviews indicated a generally high level of trust in and respect for this source before 11/04/15, and the sources rating on Eroids was in the mid 90% rating of satisfaction, being ranked in the top five of all US domestic suppliers.

Even such skeptical boards as Meso-Rx and Brotherhood of Pain had threads regarding DomesticX as a relatively reliable source.

The Close

Everything changed in early November. At about 4:30 AM EST, Brotherhood of Pain added DomesticX to their well-regarded steroid source scammer list. Just after this, posters on Meso-RX began spreading the word that this trusted source could no longer be safely used.

In the days leading up to this, reports began to post on the review board MuscleGurus that posters had not received their packages but their payments had been picked up. In the underground steroid world, money transfers and other means are used to give steroid distributors funds for their products.

While posts began to appear throughout major forums, some posters appeared more confused than angry. Posters related issues back to concerns about Operation Cyber Juice. It seemed as if many posters were waiting for more information before they pass judgement.

But, without comment or posts appearing, Eroids and other ranking websites quietly removed DomesticX from the top ten lists.

Domestic-X response

Domestic-X Responds

In the thread adding DomesticX to the scammer list, a Brotherhood of Pain Moderator posted a statement reportedly written by the owner of DomesticX.

It reads:

“I have just found that my head shipper was in fact working for Hulk before me. Hulk Rolled on him and he has since been working with law enforcement to take me down. Several of my employees are MIA. I am taking off with my family and hoping to avoid capture. Please take down everything related to this business. Dom X is done and they are coming for me.”

While some posters responded with support, others doubted the validity of the claim, citing a 50% off sale offered by DomesticX leading up to the reports on the 11/04/2015.

Suspicion was reflected on many other forums, posters saying that the sale was “too good to be true,” and that the sale was a ploy to pull in more money before the source closed.

What is planned?

While speculation continues, it appears the the source is compromised and no longer reliable. While nothing can be definitively supported, the underground community does appear to support the idea that DomesticX ‘s actions were intentional, most of this again relating to the large sale before the closure.

Funds have been confirmed to have been received by DomesticX, no reports have been issued by the DEA supporting the assumption this source may have been detained and charged, and reports are consistent that recent customers have not received their shipments nor had heard back from the source.

Attempts by to contact the source have not been responded to at this time.


We don’t know for sure what happened, but this prominent source is now gone.
Whatever the truth, this may serve as a reminder of the risks of dealing in an underground market of controlled substances.

Risks with the underground market are always present.

Risks include losing money, receiving mislabeled, improperly dosed, contaminated, or fake products, and legal issues.

As in the case with DomesticX, customers reportedly lost money. Wire transfers and other hard-to-track methods of payment in the black market lend themselves to loss of funds with no recourse.

Issues with the product itself is related to the prevalence of underground labs (UGLs) in the United States, where pharmaceutical compounds are made in poor conditions with continuation, quality control, and other issues being likely.

Legal issues can result if law enforcement becomes aware of the sale and distribution of a controlled substance. For the customer, this could mean a controlled delivery where the recipient of a package could be arrested and charged.

While advice to lessen risk includes using well-known, well-established domestically-based sources, keeping orders small, and using secured emails and web browsers, nothing can guarantee a users safety other than to avoid the legal activity.

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