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About Rob Regish

For almost 30 years, Rob has devoted his life to the pursuit of mastering physical culture. He is a former power-lifter, and is currently a radio personality, product formulator and an accomplished writer. Rob is perhaps best known for his strength training e-book series, The Blueprint. He can be found training hard in the gym every day, just like you. At almost 45 years of age, he can still be found doing 1 arm pushups. Also just like you, he takes this lifestyle seriously, with an eye for RESULTS. After all, RESULTS are what really matter. His goal is to help others learn from his hard won knowledge and first-hand experience.

Doing HRT Right

There’s an old saying, “you get what you pay for”. Never have these words rang more true than when referring to They’re an HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) clinic that “gets it” and understands

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Consolidation Training: A Powerful Weapon, In The War Of Mass Construction

I’ve had a lot of success with consolidated workouts over the years, so wanted to speak to them here. First, let’s define our terms. Consolidated training means cutting your exercise selection back to 2,

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