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A frequent contributor on various message boards on the topics of training and supplementation, KDD has gone through much trial and error in regards to both subjects in the past few years. His interest in anabolics and other “advanced” supplementation grew from heavy over the counter supplementation use and experimentation. After a significant amount of time and financial investment spent testing out what was available in the OTC supplementation market it only made sense to delve into the “advanced” supplements category. The decision to do so was never to try and become a competing bodybuilder or physique competitor but mainly for the sake of gaining firsthand knowledge of various compounds and to see what can be accomplished with such enhancements. He believes that to be able to talk about or discuss something in any meaningful manner, firsthand experience should be a prerequisite in order to be able to provide others with practical information which can be learned and applied.


Currently on the supplement market and some research chemical sites there is a substance which is not well understood. The reason for the lack of information on this compound is due to there being

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