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About George Touliatos

Dr. George Touliatos is a physician who specializes in sports medicine and biopathology. He has authored several books on bodybuilding, and serves as scientific advisor for MuscleMag and Muscular Development Greek editions. George is a competitive bodybuilder himself, and also has a long history working in partnership with Greek competitive organizations.

Alternative Methods of Anti-Doping Testing & Source Checking

Apart from the classic anti-doping methods that include urine and blood test of PEDs and their metabolites, there are specific laboratory evaluations (blood tests) that could reveal possible use of chemical enhancement. There exams

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The Significance of the Estrogenic Environment to Bodybuilding

The hormonal status of a steroid user is very important. Not only in aspect of anabolism, but other significant parameters as well. The correct balance between androgens and estrogens play a crucial role. Aromatization

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