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The phase of metabolism in which complex molecules, such as the proteins and fats that make up body tissue, are formed from simpler ones.



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Anabolic.org is the authoritative Internet library of anabolic (muscle-building) substances. Developed by William Llewellyn, this website was originally designed to be a free online version of his critically acclaimed anabolic steroids reference guide ANABOLICS (10th Edition). This early vision has since evolved into that of a more comprehensive research library for referencing hundreds of known anabolic substances, as well as a global online community for the sharing of information and experiences. Anabolic.org is updated regularly with news and info on all forms of drugs and supplements that are capable of building muscle and strength, improving image, or enhancing athletic performance.

Many of the substances discussed on Anabolic.org are pharmaceutical in nature, and as such may carry significant risk of side effect or harm if misused. Some may also be legally controlled in certain countries. While acknowledging this, Anabolics.org is also based on a harm reduction philosophy. Although we do not advocate breaking the law or misusing any substance, we understand that there is a large community of people that may misuse anabolic substances for nonmedical purposes. We feel we are in a position to best serve this community, as well as the public good, by providing a safe place for the exchange of unbiased information.

William is an accomplished researcher and lecturer in the field of human performance enhancement, and a longtime monthly columnist for Muscular Development Magazine. He is also a long supporter of the harm reduction community, and currently holds the position of honorary lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University in the UK. For information on having William speak at your event, or how you can support harm reduction efforts in your area, please Contact Us.

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